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Pandemic Products

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

We all know we are in the midst of an historic global health crises. Don't go out if you don't have to, don't leave your house especially if you have the three high risk factors. Hmmm... seems two of the three people in my house have three out of three risk factors. And Adrian probably has four out of three. (Many of you know that math is not my strong suit!) So when it comes to foraging for food, it's my job. I seem to only have two out of three risks.

After Mom was hospitalized twice for suffering falls in January and February, I had taken to ordering my groceries online and going to pick them up at the store where they bring them to your car. The only problem with that was I usually forgot to do it until late in the day and couldn't get a time slot for pick up until late the next day. Now you can't get a slot until the next week! So, I have become the designated shopper, runner, post office girl, you name it. This would not be as bad if someone,(my dearest husband), had not backed into my car three weeks ago and almost totaled it! (It was finally decided this week that the shop could go ahead and order parts and fix it. THAT took long enough.) I don't like taking the pick-up because it is a stick shift. A lot of my old cars were stick shifts, but I am over it. Unless someone wants to buy me a red Triumph Spitfire rag top, So I go foraging a couple of times a week. I wouldn't go out that often, but it is really weird the stuff you can't find each time you go. A month ago, my mom wanted pepperoncini peppers. Even at 95 she has a cast iron stomach. The peppers were sold out. Who wants that many peppers? Two weeks ago when I went the entire ice cream aisle, plus this pictured end cap were devoid of ice cream. Not any. Nada. A lady about 10 feet in front of me ( I know my social distancing!) called back to me and said, "Who eats all the ice cream? Really? Are we in an ice cream pandemic?" I feel your pain lady. Sometimes you can find bread, sometimes eggs and once a month maybe toilet paper. On one trip all the pets in Frederick County must have run out of food. Particularly canned cat food. I feel like there will never be another Clorox wipe in my house again. I use them a lot because of Adrian's weakened immune system from the kidney transplant. I found some yesterday on Amazon, but they wouldn't be delivered until between June 1 and June 22. It's April - I could be dead by June 22! Guess I will use bleach water. Yesterday I managed to find most everything I was looking for. I made a store order for pickup on Tuesday and got a time for next Wednesday afternoon. I think I am finished with the foraging for awhile. Now if only somebody could color my hair... Just sayin'.

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