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Parking Rage

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Why is it that you can go into a virtually empty parking lot, park your car far away from the only other car on the lot, and when you come out there is someone parked right next to you? Sheesh. I go to the gym rather early in the mornings. The primary function of this gym caters to men who are there after work. Most of the classes are at night. (boxing), so many mornings my trainer and I are the only ones there. She parks by the building. I park across the lot. A couple of other people wander in sometimes, or another trainer, or another employee in the same building. When I exit, that one extra person has managed to park RIGHT beside my car. What's up with that? I would say it only happens at the gym, but the day this picture was taken at the gym in the morning, I went to Staples mid-afternoon with my friend, Judy. When we parked at Staples, there was no one in our row but us. After the purchase of printer ink, which took maybe ten minutes tops, we returned to her car to find a person parked right next to her. No other cars in the row, spots much closer to the door (yeah, we decided we should do the healthy walk farther thing) and yet right beside us, a car. I know I am a magnet for red lights, (there seems to be some sort of device or something on my car that makes them turn red as I near them), but there is no sign that says, "Park right beside me please!" Plus, parking spots are being measured by the width of a garbage bag these days anyway. When busy lots are full, you can't always park and exit the car without gymnastic abilities. You shouldn't have to be Mary Lou Retton to enter your vehicle in a mostly deserted lot. Maybe these folks are former Secret Service and feel the need to protect somebody. Nah, I know a guy who is former Secret Service and he's really too chill for that now. He even has a beach house. Come to think of it, he was chill even in high school.. .but I digress. Next time you are in a mostly empty parking lot, please do not let the aliens penetrate your brain and force you to park right next to the only other car there. You do NOT want to witness my balance beam routine. Just sayin'...


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