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This is Hard! Just Sayin'....

I thought after the modest success I obtained when writing my husband's newspaper column after his kidney transplant two years ago, that maybe I should start a blog. People seemed to enjoy my pieces and maybe a creative outlet was just what I needed!

Hmmm.... I have been "thinking" about it for two years. I asked one of my college roommates, Dee Ernst, (herself a successful novelist), what I should do. At that time, she said, "Get yourself a blog. Just get out there and look for a site to publish on." Yeah, tech savvy beast that I am (haha), I will get right on that!

Fast forward two years, and I asked again. This time, she gave me more helpful info and pointed out the direction in which I should go. Thanks, Dee. I still want to cast the movie when an option on one of your novels is picked up!

So here I am, trying to navigate the myriad choices for website setup and blogging. You know, maybe no one really DOES want to hear my rantings and ramblings. We shall see.

Navigation surrounding this stuff is kinda out of my zone, but maybe I will figure it out sometime this century.

There were many things to write about in my head before I went on vacation. They seem to have vanished with the wind. And rain. We have had a LOT of rain this summer. So I shall see if I can conjure them back. We will go from here...

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