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Whoops, he did it again!

Many of you know that not long ago, my husband ran my car over a concrete median at the gas station. In his defense, it was dark and he was in a hurry. It seems when he drives my car he is always in a hurry. The car had a lot of damage to the undercarriage and was in the shop for about two weeks. This came with a $500 deductible not to mention the insurance rates. So, the week before last, he noticed the local ice cream walk-up had opened. The plan was to get "cream" and bring it home. Earlier that day, Mom and I had gone for a haircut {knowing it could be the last one for awhile) and I had parked in the driveway to get her up the front steps. Normally, I park in front of the house to do that, but the man from Invisible Fence was parked there to fix the electric fence. Bailey had discovered (after two years) that it wasn't working and was AWOL in the neighborhood. But, I digress...

To keep the postal lady from attaching another nasty gram to the mailbox for partially blocking it, I parked in the driveway. This would have been fine if Adrian had used the rearview mirror. Instead, he was checking the left outside mirror to keep from running the truck, his "baby", into the hedge. Result? Backed into my car and hit it so hard it went out onto US Route 11 in front of the house!! It was driveable, and he drove it back into the driveway, but she is in sad shape. The insurance company at first wanted to TOTAL it, but decided there is a $1000 leeway before that would happen. She went to the body shop on Monday and we are still waiting for word. The word may not be good. And hmmm, another $500 deductible.

How does a person look for a new car in this world of quarantines and isolation? It doesn't seem like an essential trip to the governor, but it sure does for me!! I am looking online, but it's really hard to test drive that way. All of the car companies have my best interests at heart, though. I know - because every other commercial on television these days tells me how much they care and they are with us all-and please buy one of our vehicles! I really don't care if Lexus is in this together with us, If they were cared about us the way they advertise, they would deliver toilet paper to the house.

I guess it won't matter for a while. We aren't going to be going too far from home anyway.

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